Next Level Thinking

Value-based goal setting

Inspiring Brighter Futures Foundation brings its renowned mentoring and coaching expertise to the corporate, education and business world through its Next Level Thinking, value-based goal setting program.

This program is a opportunity for members of a business team to step back and reassess their own lives – both professionally and personally – and how they contribute to the success of the team and their organisation.

The program provides participants with the tools and strategies to achieve greater success in all aspects of their life by helping find their purpose and encourage them to start living it.


“Inspire brighter futures” for participants by reflecting on, and aligning the values of employees and employers to develop value based goals to improve, engagement, growth and productivity.


Provide the market leading personal development program that encompasses the values of both the individual and businesses and takes a deep dive into the well-being, motivation, resilience and accountability of each participant to support the strategic plan of their employer.

Specifically, to ensure that employees have a more satisfying, balanced, and rewarding career (and career advancement) and employers see continued sustainable growth.

‘Next Level Thinking’ – goal setting and wellbeing program is designed to provide an environment where the participants build self-awareness, accountability and confidence, to identify what they want out of life, how they will contribute to their team, organisation, family and the community, and to actively plan for a brighter future.

Our facilitators have vast experience in both managing and being managed in corporate, education and business workplaces and with Inspiring Brighter Futures Foundation have developed a program that will allow them to grow and contribute more fully as individuals and team members to their organisation. The increased self-awareness and commitment will enable organsiations to reap the benefits of an engaged and motivated team. Employee engagement, personal growth and well-being are significant contributors to the overall success of an organisation.

Next Level Thinking program provides assistance by working through the following:

  • Self-reflection, belief and confidence
  • Value-based goal setting
    • Vision statement development – defining your values, purpose and strengths
    • Goal setting – setting and activating SMART goals.
  • Motivation versus routine
  • Resilience and well-being
  • Growth and fixed mindset – defining your own and your team’s success.
  • The program can be delivered in a manner that is suitable to your needs – as a half or full day program, or over a number of days or nights or as a part of a (annual) conference.

The inclusion of ‘Next Level Thinking’ program as a part of a professional development delivery offers quite outstanding results.

Program Overview

Session Topics Discussion points and outcomes
Session 1
Beginning Your Journey
  • Meet and greet – Introduction to the program
Looking In
  • What are your values?
  • Who are your role models?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • Building a positive self-image and self-belief?
  • Dealing with Automatic Negative Thoughts – ANTS
Looking at What?
  • What are the most important things in your life?
  • What are your priorities?
  • How much of your time is spent on the most important things in your life?
  • What are your organisations priorities?
Session 2
Looking For Why?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Create your personal vision statement
Session 3
Taking It to The Level
  • Setting SMART goals – according the important pillars in your life
    • Work
    • Family
    • Hobbies
    • Health - Mind Body Spirit
Making It Happen
  • Activation of your SMART Goals - how are you going to get there?
  • Time Management – putting your priorities first
Session 4
Bouncing Back
  • Resilience – how do you bounce back!
Celebrating Success
  • Graduation and Commitment Celebration – option to invite with a key support person
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Make a commitment to your goals going forward
  • Where to from here
    • Choosing a weekly accountability mentor

The Team

As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Eric Bailey is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 Companies, small business owners, sporting associations, non-profit and community leaders, and entrepreneurs seeking to expand their mindset and life aspirations. For almost three decades Eric has studied and mastered the art of strategically unlocking the dormant potential of thousands of business minded individuals seeking better results in life, health and business.

Eric holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

The CSP label has strict standards and a rigorous five-year certification process during which speakers must demonstrate both experience and expertise. Less than 10 percent of all speakers worldwide have this certification and it represents one of the highest achievements possible for a speaking professional Eric’s successful careers in professional athletics, sales, and executive management have helped form his ability to transform the lives of people of all ages and varying cultures around the world.

As a professional basketball player Eric’s versatility and his ability to do it all made him shine and stand out from the crowd.

As a speaker, his adaptability has again helped him rise to the top. Eric’s ability to crossover and connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds makes him the world’s most dynamic speaker.

His inspirational stories, along with actionable takeaways, make a real difference. Eric Bailey has participated in many charitable activities and personal areas of public interest. Among them, he is the ambassador of two non-profit organizations including Adopt Change and Nourish the Children. Together with these accomplishments, Eric has been featured in the highly acclaimed World Class Magazine. He has also released his much anticipated first book – ‘Bring Your A Game’.

Not just Motivation but Activation.

As of July 2021 Eric has spoken to over 4.5 million personal development and business enthusiasts in over 10 countries around the world. Turning Dreams into Reality has been his trademark theme.

As an International Keynote Speaker and leading authority on motivation, vision and success for audiences as large as 20,000— Eric draws on his successful careers in professional sports, executive management and sales as well as life experiences such as his difficult start growing up in South Central Los Angeles delivering powerful and inspiring keynotes that will lead you or your group in the right direction.

Tim is a solicitor and has had a varied legal career over the last 15 years. Working across a number of practice groups (Commercial, Resources, FMCG, Franchise and Employment) in global, national and boutique firms as well as in-house roles and most recently as a sole practitioner. Through these experiences Tim understands and can empathise with the pressures, demands and time-constraints that a professionals must deal with.

Tim has positioned himself as one of Australia’s leading age group endurance athletes. Over the course of his racing career, Tim has completed over 50 endurance races regularly placing in the top 5. What makes his story notable is that 15 years ago he was partying, drinking, smoking and eating his way to 120kgs and an early grave!!

Currently in his mid-30s, Tim has been sharing stories of his journey for many years as an aspirational speaker and is a highly sought-after facilitator. What his audiences get is a crash course in personal accountability and advice on how to own your own show and take life to the next level in order to achieve personal goals. Tim is all about owning your life, celebrating successes and learning from failures—casting blame elsewhere is simply not an option.

Tim has collaborated with many different companies and industries across the globe including Apple, KPMG, Rio Tinto, BHP, Boost Juice, AECOM, Sanity Entertainment, Broadspectrum, Brisbane Lions AFC, Melbourne Demons, AFC, and Hawthorn Hawks AFC along with many amateur sporting clubs, schools and tertiary education facilities.

John is a highly respected and trusted people person and professional who is regarded as an excellent communicator, innovator, and servant leader. A person who thrives working in a team environment, in which he is acknowledged for his engaging and collaborative leadership. As a leader, he works with his colleagues, managers, and stakeholders to form a motivated, solutions-focused and cohesive team of professionals. He is regarded as a highly strategic and accomplished business leader who has led the successful delivery of business and social objectives in local, national, and global organizations.

He has extensive experience leading SMEs and start-ups, as well as companies that are losing over $1 million per year, coupled with significant legal and HR issues, and turning them around to profit within two years.

Currently, he is the Managing Director of Vivaticket (Australia) a part of the global group which sells in excess of 650 million tickets per annum.  He has taken the business from seven clients selling 1 million tickets per annum to part of the global ticketing company.

John has run successful national, local, school, and community entities for over 25 years. He has over 25 years of experience in a variety of roles as a marketing manager, director, and managing director of events, travel, and technology companies. His career includes over 20 years in education, including three years as a Head of Middle School, and over 30 years volunteering with social impact organisations.

He holds degrees in Teaching, Educational Studies, and a Masters of Business Administration.

Helen is an experienced solicitor with a professional indemnity and risk management background. As a FGA volunteer and facilitator, she is committed to the outcomes and good that the FGA programs deliver. Helen ensures that the FGA programs are very aligned with the development outcomes required by Queensland Law Society and its members.

With a professional career spanning over 33 years, Helen has worked as a legal professional in London, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In the last seven years with the Queensland Law Society, her roles included Assessor and Presenter in the Practice Management Course and the Legal Professional Development Executive and Solicitor.

Helen has extensive success in the management and leadership of learning and development programs for professionals. Her expertise is in the design and development of creative professional development content. As an experienced specialist, trainer, assessor, facilitator and presenter with considerable knowledge of planning and execution, budgeting, finance, people leadership and management, Helen ensures that the FGA programs are very aligned with the development outcomes required by our clients.

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